HRtop100 - Marie-Véronique Bernard - Head of Human Resources - Basic FitHRtop100 - Marie-Véronique Bernard - Head of Human Resources - Basic Fit

Marie-Véronique Bernard

Head of Human Resources bij Basic Fit

Marie-Véronique Bernard is Head of Human Resources bij Basic Fit. Wat wij op 3 november 2021 met haar bespraken? U hoort het in de podcast!

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Wie bent u?


I’m Marie-Véronique Bernard.

I’m a human resources professional with several years of experience in managing, coaching and advisory roles. I’m driven by developing efficient HR initiatives and aligning people strategies and business objectives. I have successfully launched and executed business transformation and international projects with cross-functional teams while facilitating organizational change management and fostering a positive working environment. I’m also strong believer of working hands in hands with then entire organization and avoid unnecessary processes. Simple is beautiful!

Born and raised in Canada, I moved to Europe 8 years to live one of the most amazing adventure of my life. First, I came to Germany and joined adidas as a member of the human resources team. What a great experience to combine work with one of my biggest passions in life, sports! 4 years ago, I moved to the Netherlands and joined Basic-Fit as the Head of Human Resources.

Basic-Fit is the number-one low-cost, high-value fitness brand committed to making fitness a habit people love and accessible to everyone at anytime, anywhere, in their own way. With more than 1 000 clubs in 5 countries, Basic-Fit is the largest fitness operator in Europe. We are all about mindset: we are mission-oriented and determined to be the leading low- cost, high-value fitness brand in the world. We are dedicated to making an impact, nourishing our community, and growing individually and as one company.

Moving from big corporations to a scale-up organization was always on my mind. I thrive when I deal with multiple challenges at the same time. To be part of the growth at Basic-Fit is constantly bringing me back on how we can do better, be more aligned and built up an accessible HR function.

The life of scale-up also involve using your creativity to professionalize the HR function with limited resources. The constant connection between our Board of Directors and first level of managers helps me to keep my focus on what matters the most. I’m at my best when I can act a coach at several levels. It’s fundamental for me to understand and experiment what our employees and managers are going through. I visit clubs daily and I am a fully dedicated member.

I’m highly interested by creating a meaningful employee experience with simple and efficient HR touch points. I’m also a big believer to mix other discipline with HR, for example, employer branding with Marketing or HRIS with process optimization. I believe we are stronger by acquiring expertise from other colleagues.